A global event with a regional perspective

As partners under the new Personal Connected Health Alliance, the mHealth Summit and Continua Health Alliance invite you to mHealth Summit Middle East. This is a first-of-a-kind two-day event that will bring public and private sector partners together to discuss the theory and practical application of mobile and personal connected health strategies specific to the Middle East, with exposure and comparison to mhealth approaches from around the world.

Designed to spark the mhealth economy

mHealth Summit Middle East is designed to take the regional economy to the next level, with sessions covering topics such as market development, regulation and the Weqaya rollout; as well as opportunities to learn about approaches to mhealth around the globe in areas such as chronic disease and regulation. It will also offer special training sessions, networking, and a unique showcase of mhealth in action.

mHealth Summit Middle East will delivervalue for stakeholders across the mobile health ecosystem. The event is designed to promote the exchange of ideas between a diverse audience of healthcare and technology leaders in government, the private sector, industry, academia, providers and not-for-profit organizations in the use of wireless technology to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and create a new paradigm in health care delivery both in the United Arab Emirates and the broader region of the Middle East.

Mobile health has the capacity to provide health care when and where it’s needed–at home, in rural corners of the earth, during a disaster. This channel is fundamental in transforming the way individuals conceive of and manage their health, and the way health care is delivered. mHealth has the potential to save time and energy through every facet of the health care ecosystem- improving communications and opportunities for changes in how health and chronic conditions are managed, and providing better care with better outcomes.

mHealth Summit Middle East, the first mobile health event in the Middle East, brings together providers, leaders, influencers and visionaries in wireless and mobile health technologies and integration as well as those in different stages of this transition to discuss hands-on strategies, examine success stories, explore challenges and witness innovation firsthand. This intense 2 day experience will connect passionate people who are envisioning revolutionary change. From exhibits to program, mHealth Middle East is designed to propel the market forward and inspire delegates to achieve radical change.